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Well, this stinks...but is anyone going to address the elephant in the room?

This isn't just about Nestle. The problem is that Florida's water is FREE for the taking and that applies to every single corporation that steps foot into our state.

I'm blowing my whistle on Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD), and thousands of fed-up citizens who are putting all of their energy into fighting the renewal of an existing water use permit but not fighting off the biggest culprits of springs degradation (i.e. nutrient loading, development, failing wastewater infrastructure, and most notably, the free handout of new water use permits).

Any net reduction of flow in the Santa Fe River is bad, yes. But if you're going to be ticked about this permit renewal, I hope to see you putting in the same outrage at SRWMD board meetings, fighting development and new water use permits. I hope to see you doing your research and taking action instead of being a keyboard warrior. I hope to see you addressing your representatives and taking the time to educate them. And I hope to see you putting your fighting words and your money where your mouth is.

Become a member of the Florida Springs Council, donate to MFL and BMAP challenges. Donate to land trusts like Alachua Conservation Trust, Florida Wildlife Corridor, and North Florida Land Trust to secure conservation lands around springs and rivers. Donate to Florida Springs Institute to fund the studies it takes to legally challenge our environmental protection agencies.

And for Christ sake, support businesses who profit from having healthy springs and rivers because THEY are the ones who pull 10x your weight in the battle against farming and development of Florida's precious natural resources.

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